The Garfield Movie (2024)

In the bustling city of Muncie, where lasagna reigns supreme and mischief lurks around every corner, Garfield, the pudgy orange tabby, lives a life of leisure with his loyal canine companion, Odie. Their days are filled with naps, snacks, and the occasional prank on their owner, Jon. But everything changes when Garfield’s past comes clawing back.

One sunny afternoon, Garfield receives a surprise visit from his long-lost father, Vic, a scrappy alley cat with a knack for trouble. Vic’s arrival turns Garfield and Odie’s world upside down as they’re whisked away from their cushy home into the gritty underbelly of the city.

Vic reveals a daring plan to pull off the ultimate heist, promising Garfield and Odie a life of excitement and adventure beyond their wildest dreams. Reluctant at first, Garfield is swayed by the allure of the unknown and the chance to bond with his estranged father.

Joined by a motley crew of feline and canine misfits, the trio embarks on a whirlwind adventure, dodging danger at every turn and outsmarting their adversaries with wit and cunning. Along the way, Garfield learns valuable lessons about family, friendship, and the true meaning of home.

Will Garfield and Odie triumph against the odds, or will their newfound life of crime catch up with them? Find out in this, a heartwarming tale of redemption, loyalty, and the power of second chances. Follow sflix for more.

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Title: The Garfield Movie (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Mark Dindal
Writer: Paul A. Kaplan, Mark Torgove, David Reynolds
Stars: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham

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