The Roast of Tom Brady (2024)

The roast featured a diverse group of personalities, each bringing their unique comedic flair. Celebrities such as actors, comedians, and athletes took turns poking fun at Brady’s illustrious career, his personal life, and his age-defying performance on the field. The event provided a rare glimpse into Brady’s ability to take a joke and laugh at himself, a side not often seen by his fans. His reactions ranged from hearty laughter to playful retorts, showcasing his good-natured spirit and willingness to engage in the fun. Follow Moviesjoy Comedy Movies for more.

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Title: The Roast of Tom Brady (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Documentary, Comedy
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller
Writer: Mike Gibbons, Benji Aflalo, Pat Barker
Stars: Tom Brady, Kevin Hart, Jeffrey Ross

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